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Why Is Computer Learning at a Young Age Important?

Based on research, there are many positive qualities using technology in early childhood classroom.  The technologies that benefit young children the greatest are those that are interactive and allow the child to develop their curiosity, problem solving and independent thinking skills.  With proper technology setting in a learning environment, young children can learn technology skills while enhancing social and cognitive development.  Introducing a STEM program as a child is also learning language and communication skills can have excellent results. Early interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math can foster academic and future success!

At Future Kiddie, our interactive computer learning curriculum, Puterbugs, helps young children develop & master the
following skills:

  • Stimulates language comprehension
  • Cognitive and Motor Development
  • Boosts problem-solving skills
  • Increase self-esteem & confidence
  • S.T.E.M learning & development
  • Keyboarding Skills
  • Computer Navigation