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Spring Technology Field Trip – Apple Store Field Trip

Dear parents, I have been working with Apple Store last few weeks to set up another field trips this Spring.  We’d just finalized the detail today.   For most families, last apple store field trips was a huge blast.  And it really is a way we say thank you for supporting our program.  For new families, we are putting technology field trips twice a
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Keeping your Tech-Savvy Kids Safe

Parents want their children to have every advantage in life, and that includes being technologically savvy.  So, how can today’s parents teach their young children to use the computer both smartly and safely? The Internet is a window to the universe. It is an incredible teaching tool that exposes our children to faraway places, allowing them to explore the Egyptian pyramids and  the massive
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How Our Kids Will Use Technology to Save the Planet

Oh, technology, you are just like a celebrity: Only the bad news — obesity, cyberbullying, sexting, blowing things up — makes the BIG news. What about all the good stuff you do for us?   How Kids + Technology = Solution   Besides the amazing feat of connecting over 500 million people in the entire planet together (I bet you can count on one
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Future Kiddie Completes Third Year of Tech Fun and Learning

Getting and keeping your child’s attention can be difficult in a world full of flashing lights, bright colors and intriguing sounds. Future Kiddie provides youngsters age 3 to 7 with Discovery Kids Puterbugs science, technology, engineering and math (S.T.E.M.) education that conforms to Common Core State Standards, culminating in a technology field trip to an Apple Store for students and parents. Future Kiddie has
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Super-Safe Browsers for Kids!

In today’s dangerous Internet environment, where children and teens can be exposed unknowingly to inappropriate content, parents are scrambling for ways to secure their children’s safety. Too often, while searching online for material for their school projects or using social media, children stumble upon ads or are lured to sites that put them at risk.  Are you one of these parents looking for kid-friendly
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How To Search Educational Apps for Kids (Part 2:)

Adapting to your kids’ technological needs If you thought you were the only one at home who’ll find apps and downloads necessary, you probably haven’t let your child use your iPhone or your iPad as yet. Introducing kids to the world of preschool activities and S.T.E.M education in these forums are a great way to tickle their brain cells and keep them engaged. But
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