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Giving Our Kiddies
A Future

We want to make a positive impact for every young child to learn and love computer technology


About  Future Kiddie

We Provide Technology Curriculum to Schools & Organizations Serving Children Age 3 to 6 years old

We passionately believe that technology learning can and should be part of the high quality, well-rounded educational experience that preschools and learning centers offer to their students and families.  Because when the children succeed, the school succeeds as well – and that’s at the heart of everything we do.  Empowering each child’s educational journey with a solid technology foundation is our mission, and we are excited to share it with you.

Who  We Are

About Ken & Linda

Ken Chan known to his students as “Mr. Ken,” or “Mr. Ken the Candy Cane,” founded Future Kiddie, the one and only S.T.E.M base and technology curriculum for young children ages 3-6, in 2010. Today he, his sister Linda, who students call “Ms. Linda” or “Ms. Ninja,” and an enthusiastic staff bring to their partners at preschools and learning centers a unique, value-added proposition for their programming: fun and exciting weekly classes that engage the interest and imagination of the children, while at the same time, set them up for success in primary school and beyond. 


It all started with an unlikely beginning for both Mr. Ken and Ms. Linda. For Ken, when a joint venture run a home daycare business with a friend didn’t go quite as planned, his partner recommended to him a cool, technology-driven program to educate preschool children. Immediately drawn to it, Ken thought, “let’s do it,” and with the same interest, excitement and enthusiasm as his young clients would bring to a new experience, Future Kiddie was born.

​For Linda, the journey to become a devoted educator started with a meaningful lesson she’s never forgotten.  Shortly after joining her brother in his growing business, Linda taught a class that was continually disrupted by a girl who liked to rip keys off the keyboard.  Initial frustration gave way to great compassion as Linda learned from the school’s administration that the little girl had a heartbreaking story: she was living with her grandparents as her father was deceased, and her mom was still in service. Touched and determined to teach this little girl with extra love and attention, Linda created a strong connection – and along with it over time, an engaged, calmer, happier little girl.

Today at the heart of all Ken, Linda and the entire Future Kiddie team does is infused with deep respect and appreciation for each child’s individual uniqueness and gifts.  While computer science and technology are the focus of the lessons, Ken and Linda find teachable moments in every class that goes beyond these topics.  Like how to soothe a child throwing an ear-shattering tantrum during a “silence break” (our gentler name for a “time out”), or what to do when two boys getting overly competitive about how many microchips they can catch in one of their screen time exercises.  In these challenging scenarios, Ken and Linda take the opportunity to create and mold the learning experience to help foster growth and independence in their young students.

As each class finishes the school year, both Ken and Linda reflect on their calling, grateful for the opportunity to help shape young children’s earliest learning experiences and share that joy and delight with the school’s teachers and owners.

We are in it for the kids… for your school… and for a bright future for all.

​Ken & Linda
Future Kiddie Co-Founders

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