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Our Mission

We want to make a positive impact for every young child to learn and love computer technology

Future Kiddies mission is to empower the educational journey of young learners with a solid technology foundation and we are excited to share with you.

By bringing Future Kiddie's innovative technology and STEM curriculum to your school, you can help us shape the leaders of tomorrow.
Connect with us today to get started!


  • Builds confidence and strong digital literacy
    skills for life

  • Exciting missions cover a broad range of early childhood topics as engaging puzzles

    • Phonological awareness

    • Letter and number recognition

    • Color, shape, and size awareness

    • Pattern recognition

    • Stimulates cognitive and motor development

    • Builds language comprehension skills

    • Boost eye-hand coordination

    • Strengthen logical reasoning
      and problem-solving skills

    • Encourages children to think
      critically & creatively

    • Gives students the ability to demonstrate

      • Proper use and care of
        technology components

      • Use computer science vocabulary

      • Have safe discussions about internet safety and talking points for caregivers to have follow up discussions

    • Includes a Family Connection Newsletter to continue the conversations and learning!

Long-term positive effects
for the Digital Age

Comprehensive Early Childhood Educational Curriculum


  • Foundational skills and knowledge to
    succeed in today’s digital world

    • Story-based STEM lessons aligned with
      Early Learning Standards

    • Hands-on exploration and manipulation
      of digital tools

      • Using a mouse improves hand-eye coordination

    • Engages multiple senses simultaneously (hear sounds, see visuals, and touch the keyboard/mouse to interact with the software)

      • Enhances sensory integration
        and cognitive development

    • Develop language comprehension by using
      a variety of words and phrases related to the
      weekly STEM theme

    • Keyboarding skills and pattern recognition tasks in missions lead to skill improvement over time

    • Cognitive and motor development benefit from repetition and practice

      • Repeated ability to use digital tools, software, and devices effectively and safely lead to confidence

      • Better ability to adapt to changes and updates in digital tools and platforms as they emerge

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